IEEE International Conference on Advanced Networks and Telecommunications Systems
17–20 December 2023 // MNIT Jaipur, Rajasthan, India
Ubiquitous networking for seamless connectivity

WS3: Workshop on Ensuring Security, Trust, and Privacy in Industrial IoT Systems


Workshop Paper Submission Deadline:  7 September 2023 10 October 2023 (Extended)
Workshop Paper Acceptance Notification: 10 November 2023
Camera Ready Paper Due: 20 November 2023




Security, trust, and privacy are critical considerations for industrial IoT (IIoT) systems. IIoT systems are increasingly being used to control and monitor critical infrastructure, such as power plants, manufacturing facilities, and transportation systems. As a result, these systems are a target for cyberattacks. The IIoT has transformed the industrial landscape, providing unparalleled connectivity and automation capabilities. However, with this increased connectivity comes the risk of cyber threats that can compromise the security and privacy of IIoT systems and devices. Trust is also a critical factor in the adoption of IIoT, as stakeholders need to have confidence in the reliability and security of these systems. This workshop aims to explore the challenges and solutions related to security, privacy, and trust in IIoT. The workshop will bring together experts and practitioners from academia, industry, and government to discuss the latest research, best practices, and real-world experiences related to IIoT security, privacy, and trust。


Topics to be covered in the workshop include (but are not limited to):

  • Security and privacy challenges in IIoT systems
  • Trust and security in IIoT systems
  • Privacy and security regulations for IIoT systems
  • Security and privacy education and training for IIoT systems
  • Threat modeling and risk assessment for IIoT systems
  • Security mechanisms and best practices for IIoT devices and networks
  • Privacy protection measures for IIoT data
  • Device identification and Fingerprinting for IIoT systems
  • Threat Modeling and Intrusion detection/prevention for IIoT systems
  • Security testing and vulnerability assessment
  • Secure communication protocols for IIoT systems
  • Compliance with industry standards and regulations
  • Case studies and real-world experiences of IIoT security and privacy


All workshop papers should be submitted via EDAS, WS3: Workshop on Ensuring Security, Trust, and Privacy in Industrial IoT Systems track. Full instructions on how to prepare the paper are provided on the lEEE ANTS 2023 website: