IEEE International Conference on Advanced Networks and Telecommunications Systems
17–20 December 2023 // MNIT Jaipur, Rajasthan, India
Ubiquitous networking for seamless connectivity


Best Paper Awards

Best Paper Award – Winner

Paper Title: Enabling Secure UAV-Assisted IoT Communications with RF Energy Harvesting in the Presence of Eavesdropper

Authors: Gaurav Kumar Pandey and Devendra Singh Gurjar (National Institute of Technology Silchar, India); Suneel Yadav (Indian Institute of Information Technology, India); Dragana Krstić (University of Niš, Serbia); Yuming Jiang (Norwegian University of Science and Technology)


Best Paper Award - 1st runner up

Paper Title: Transfer Learning for Brain-Computer Interfaces in Cyber-Physical Systems

Authors: Ekansh Gupta, Mohit Agarwal and Raghupathy Sivakumar (Georgia Institute of Technology, USA)


Best Paper Award - 2nd runner up

Paper Title: Stochastic On-Time Arrival Path Prediction and Dynamic Programming for Criticality Aware Mobile Healthcare System

Authors: Himanshu Singh (Indian Institute of Technology (BHU), Varanasi, India); Moirangthem Biken Singh (Indian Institute of Technology Varanasi, India); Akash Patel (IIT BHU Varanasi India, India); Ajay Pratap (Indian Institute of Technology (BHU) Varanasi, India)


Best Paper Award (Women in Engineering)

Paper Title: Enhancing Sidelink 5G V2V Communication: A Distributed Probabilistic Congestion Control for Dynamic Resource Allocation

Authors: Annu Sahu (IIT Hyderabad, India); P Rajalakshmi (IIT Hyderabad, India)


Workshop Best Paper Awards

Paper Title: ML-Assisted Resource Allocation Outage Probability: Simple, Closed-Form Approximations

Authors: Rashika Raina and Nidhi Simmons (Queens University Belfast, United Kingdom (Great Britain)); David E Simmons (Co-founder Dhali Holdings Ltd., United Kingdom (Great Britain)); Michel Daoud Yacoub (State University of Campinas, Brazil)


Best Poster Award (Early Research Forum)

Paper Title: Energy Efficiency And Fault Tolerance In Open RAN And Future Internet

Authors: Saish Pramod Urumkar (Technological University Dublin, Ireland); Byrav Ramamurthy (University of Nebraska-Lincoln, USA); Sachin Sharma (Technological University Dublin, Ireland)


Best Demo Award

Paper Title: ReadEasy Revolution: Transforming Complexity into Clarity for Seamless Understanding

Authors: Shivatmica Murgai (The International School Bangalore); Sharv Murgai (The International School Bangalore)