IEEE International Conference on Advanced Networks and Telecommunications Systems
17–20 December 2023 // MNIT Jaipur, Rajasthan, India
Ubiquitous networking for seamless connectivity

WS6: 8th International Workshop on 5G and Future Wireless Technology (5GFWT 2023)


Workshop Paper Submission Deadline:  7 September 2023 10 October 2023 (Extended)
Workshop Paper Acceptance Notification: 10 November 2023
Camera Ready Paper Due: 20 November 2023



  • Navin Kumar, Amrita University & School of Engineering, India
  • Ashutosh Dutta, Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Labs (JHU/APL), USA

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While several 5G networks are in operation, research and development activities in 5G and beyond are gaining momentum. On the one hand, we gain the experience and possibility to enhance the performance of the network because of the practical network, many other opportunities are explored that can be supported by the 5G network. For example, research towards integrating terrestrial and non-terrestrial networks is being investigated in 5G networks. Similarly, low altitude platform using unmanned autonomous vehicles (UAV) is also being envisioned to support the integration of terrestrial and non-terrestrial networks. Efforts towards validating use cases of 5G networks are still under investigation. Open Radio Access Network (O-RAN) is another area of research in 5G and beyond. Thus, a number of opportunities are available that can be addressed and discussed. The focus of this workshop is to provide such a platform for researchers from industry and academia to deliberate on the current issues arising and how to overcome them in the future. The proposed full-day workshop is focused on the latest development, including use cases and results from experimental validation of the existing 5G networks. The one-day workshop would cover a broad range of spectrum of 5G/6G investigation and highlights of future wireless communication.

The workshop would highlight and discuss details about ongoing 5G research activity around the globe as well as highlights of trends and future research. Since a large set of technologies would empower 5G services, it is expected that a number of different technologies would be discussion points. For example, massive MIMO, mmWave, Cloud RAN, SDN/NFV, network slicing, 5G new radio (NR), and radio interfaces. It is also expected to cover antenna design, circuit design, framework, and so on for 5G/6G technology. We also plan to discuss next-generation communication and technology such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and deep learning (DL) usage at various components of wireless networks and how these techniques enhance performance. Along with this, it is also possible to introduce Industry 4.0 and other relevant applications in health care and so on. Additionally, we would also cover integrated terrestrial and nonterrestrial communication, including UAV communication. There are a number of different topics in advanced communication, like full duplex, federated learning, quantum communication and computing, etc. can be discussed. These are the current and emerging research areas that will be very timely discussed in this workshop.


The workshop is mostly focused to technology, use cases, demonstration related to 5G and beyond. It will provide a platform to researchers, service/network provider to gather together and discuss related issues, challenges and solutions.


List of Topics of interest to be included, but are not limited to:

  • 4G, 5G, 6G and Beyond; Small cell network, densification, cell less networks
  • AI/ML/DL in Wireless Communication and Networks
  • Novel waveforms for 5G and 6G (non-orthogonal and orthogonal)
  • New Air interface techniques for 5G and 6G, Full duplex communication
  • Flexible RAN architectures and Cloud-RAN, O-RAN, 3GPP Rel 16, Rel 17, Rel 18
  • THz Communication, THz Source and Detector, THz applications, Antenna design
  • Mobile handset design for 5G, circuit design, prototype, testbed, demonstration.
  • Low Complexity Massive MIMO systems, Beamforming, Beam coordination, management, etc
  • UAV communication, Satellite, terrestrial and non terrestrial network (NTN) integration
  • Interference Mitigation and Interference Management techniques
  • Dynamic Spectrum Access and Management, Spectrum sharing, spectrum issue
  • Efficient techniques for out-of-band radiation reduction
  • New coding solutions for small resource blocks, quantum communication application in B5G
  • Advances in synchronization, channel estimation & equalization for multicarrier and wideˇband single-carrier waveforms
  • Software Defined Networks for 5G, NFV in 5G Networks, Cognitive Radio in 5G Networks
  • Millimetre wave Communication, Millimetre wave backhaul and access systems
  • D2D and M2M Communication, Visible light and 5G communication, etc.
  • 5G and advanced wireless technology, high altitude networks, Future mobile wireless technology
  • and related areas…….


All workshop papers should be submitted via EDAS, WS6: 8th International Workshop on 5G and Future Wireless Technology (5GFWT 2023) track. Full instructions on how to prepare the paper are provided on the lEEE ANTS 2023 website: