IEEE International Conference on Advanced Networks and Telecommunications Systems
17–20 December 2023 // MNIT Jaipur, Rajasthan, India
Ubiquitous networking for seamless connectivity

Introduction to quantum networks and SeQUeNCe, a quantum network simulator

Introduction to quantum networks and SeQUeNCe, a quantum network simulator

Abstract: Quantum communications have evolved from a scientific concept to small-scale experiments and more recently metropolitan-scale demonstrations. As the technology matures, it is expected to revolutionize quantum computing in much the same way that classical networks revolutionized classical computing. Quantum communications will also enable breakthroughs in quantum sensing, metrology, and other areas. But key elements of scalable communications, such as quantum repeaters, quantum memories and frequency converters are still far from realization. So, modeling and simulations are critical to the advancement of quantum communications, device development, network architecture evolution, and control protocol design. They can help researchers develop and test new control protocols, plan and validate experiments, and compare alternative network architecture designs. They provide a cost-effective way to complement experimental research that develops real-world testbeds and prototypes. In this tutorial, we will start with a brief overview of quantum communications, their potential benefits, use cases and challenges. Then, we will introduce SeQUeNCe and present its design, interface and capabilities. We will show a live demo of SeQUeNCe followed by discussion and Q&A. Attendees will gain a good understanding of quantum networking. They will also learn SeQUeNCe's architecture, design, and how to use SeQUeNCe through live demo. The attendees will also get a clear understanding of how to add new modules and customize SeQUeNCe to fit their needs.


Duration: 3 hrs

Presenter and Affiliation: Rajkumar Kettimuthu (Argonne National Lab, USA)


Rajkumar Kettimuthu


Biography: Dr. Rajkumar Kettimuthu is a Computer Scientist and Group Leader at Argonne National Laboratory, a Senior Scientist at The University of Chicago and a Senior Fellow at Northwestern University. His research interests include AI for science, advanced wired and wireless communications for science, and Quantum networks. Data transfer protocol and tools developed by him and his colleagues at Argonne have become the de facto standard for file transfers in many science environments. With 60K+ installations in six continents, these tools perform 50M+ file transfers & move 5 Petabytes+ of data every day. AI for science tools developed by his team at Argonne are being used in many science environments. These tools have been highlighted by top scientific journals and have won multiple awards at prestigious venues. He leads InterQnet, a DOE funded project to scale quantum networks. He has co-authored 150+ peer-reviewed articles most of which appeared in premier journals and top IEEE/ACM conferences, and several of which won best paper awards. His work has featured in 20+ news articles. He is a recipient of the prestigious R&D 100 award. He is a distinguished member of ACM and a senior member of IEEE.